Elementor Addons

Element Pack

Affordable options for 'Single Site' users with lifetime updates.

Some widgets seem well thought out and there are many widgets to choose from.

A lightweight plugin, it got second place for the smallest size on a more realistic page design.

Expensive for multi-site users that don't plan to buy a lifetime subscription.

Some widgets are poorly designed, with the masonry gallery stacking photos in rigid order. Blog posts are missing options for showing dates, comments, and categories.


The most affordable option for 'Single Site' users with lifetime updates.

The justified layout is one of my favorites now and it works well on this plugin.

The image comparison widget allows a carousel which may be nice for some people. Some widgets seem to have unique design elements.

The most expensive lifetime license. The purchase comes with other plugins which may be of value.

The hotspot, parallax and some other widgets are in another plugin. It could be quite heavy if you needed multiple plugins to accomplish a task on one page.

The image gallery shows a somewhat lack of thought in design; it has a masonry design stacking photos in rigid order and requires each photo to be manually added, rather than using the WordPress gallery tool.

PowerPack Elements

The image gallery has a true masonry layout and comes with many image filters to add flavor to any website.

There are many widgets with different style options and a generally low file weight.

Many food, social media, and WooCommerce themed widgets.

This is the second heaviest add-on we tested, it seems that a bug is likely to blame for the image size problem. Hope it gets resolved.

Some widgets have cluttered menus that require searching for the right toggle.

No 'Single Site' options for personal designers.

The Plus Addons

Affordable options for 'Single Site' users with lifetime updates.

Every widget you could want and more. Beautiful parallax options as well as particle backgrounds.

Metro layout is a unique style only in this add-on, unfortunately it seems to disable the light-box.

Some simple widget menus that seem well thought out.

All of these widgets and the lack of quality behind them means you can get a heavy site quite quickly. Best case it is 300 KB larger, worst case could be many MB's larger due to a lack of well built widgets.

While the widgets have so many options they are covered in menus, sometimes it is hard to get the look you want. Searching can take time as each menu is filled with toggles and boxes.

This is the only add-on that will not function properly with any of the other add-ons activated.

Ultimate Addons

This plugin is a great example of 'less is more". While you might be missing the 30+ widgets that the other add-on packs have, the widgets you get are well thought out and designed to ensure a quick running site with well varied styles within each widget.

Great image gallery and post gallery widgets with options for grid, masonry, justified, and carousel.

Nice particle background options allowing for creative designs.

Missing some common features such as the Members widget (in the works) and the Testimonial widget.

Some widgets have many drop down menus, this can take time to find the right toggle or box.

No 'Single Site' options for personal designers.

Size & Requests

Addon Small Page Size Small Page Requests Large Page Size Large Page Requests
Elementor 212.4 KB - - 25
Element Pack 317.5 KB 27 909.6 KB 46
JetElements 242.5 KB 27 1,126.4 KB 45
PowerPack Elements 247.3 KB 25 2,252.8 KB 49
The Plus Addons 550.5 KB 28 8,192.0 KB 41
Ultimate Addons 243.3 KB 25 828.9 KB 46

Plugin Compatibility

Addon Element Pack JetElements PowerPack Elements The Plus Addons Ultimate Addons
Element Pack -
JetElements -
PowerPack Elements -
The Plus Addons -
Ultimate Addons -

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